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Space leased, U. of C. scrambles to honor terms

Space leased, U. of C. scrambles to honor terms

By LINDSAY WELBERS Staff Writer A precinct that was voted dry in the 1990s has created a snag for an upscale Japanese restaurant intending to open up in Hyde Park. Former Charlie Trotter’s chef Matthias Merges wasn’t aware that the sale of liquor was prohibited when he announced plans to bring a second branch of(…)

Harper leased — with no locals

Harper leased — with no locals

By LINDSAY WELBERS Staff Writer Harper Court’s retail element is almost entirely rented out, nearly 100 percent full including the space at the building being constructed, as well as in the associated projects at the former Borders building and the Harper Theater. The retail presence at the new Harper Court will be almost entirely one(…)

Trauma center at U. of C. is a moral necessity

To the Editor: Should not our self-interest, as well as our sense both of compassion and of honor, move us to make available, in all urban neighborhoods in this country, at least the level of medical services routinely provided throughout the larger cities in those European countries which are privileged to enjoy a level of(…)

Taste of Hyde Park returns next month

To the Editor: The annual Taste of Hyde Park will take place on Saturday, March 2, between 6 and 9 p.m. This year the location is Church of St. Paul and the Redeemer, 4945 S. Dorchester Ave. The event is the major annual fundraiser for the Hyde Park Transitional Housing Project. With food and drink(…)

Bring Artisans 21 back to 53rd Street

To the Editor: I think it would be great to have Artisans 21 on 53rd Street, as suggested by Rob Borja’s Feb. 6 letter. Artisans 21 has a wide variety of attractive, moderately priced items. It would add class to the retail shops in the hotel building in Harper Court. It could provide original, distinctive(…)

McMobil high-rise in the wrong location

To the Editor: The well-known real estate mantra, “Location, Location, Location!” clearly applies to the potential new high-rise on the McMobil site. The proposed building, three floors higher than the University Apartments on 55th Street and almost as wide, would engulf the buildings on either side — and loom over Nichols Park — without achieving(…)

Concerns about the McMobil high-rise

To the Editor: I am very concerned about the plan to build a high-rise where the Mobil station is now located on 53rd Street. Some of my reasons are as follows: 1. When open, and especially during the construction period, traffic on 53rd Street will have a serious effect on the children who attend Murray(…)