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McMobil will increase street life on 53rd

Dear Alderman Burns: I am pleased to lend my support for the Mobil site redevelopment. It is a progressive step in the revitalization of 53rd Street and Hyde Park as a whole. As a resident of Hyde Park for nearly 17 years who lives within two blocks of the proposed development, I must say that(…)

McMobil project height will start trend

To the Editor: The University of Chicago is well on its way to realizing its goal of revitalizing 53rd Street. We have a new movie theater, an all-night diner, several new restaurants and a high-end clothing store. Coming soon will be a music venue, five more new restaurants, a health club, a 130-plus room hotel,(…)

Verify first, then trust 53rd Street McMobil “community consensus”

To the Editor: Thank you, again, Hyde Park Herald for opening up your pages to different “voices” on the 53rd St. McMobil project, but again, please, do another investigative story to verify who were included (and NOT) included and who initiated “community consultation,” “surveys /polls/petition signing” and targeted approaches to residents or owners in the(…)

Put parking under Nichols Park

To the Editor: McMobil project limited parking issue? Nichols Park (across the street from McMobile site) safety and modernization issues? Here’s a possible solution. How about constructing a one or two floor underground parking garage across from the McMobil site. In other words, creating a mini-Millennium Park if you will, minus the cost overruns. A(…)

McMobil plan needed for Hyde Park’s growth

To the Editor: I very much support the high-rise at the McMobil site because I believe the whole city needs to continue to grow up, not out. The suburban lifestyle exists for those who want it, and the urban lifestyle for those who want it. We will not create a vibrant city by shunning development,(…)

Local youths head to China

Local youths head to China

By DASCHELL M. PHILLIPS Staff Writer Hyde Park residents and King College Prep High School students Ghana Horton, Nicolette Robinson and Raymond Turner are three of 20 students who will travel to China this summer with the Chicago Urban League’s Mission to China program. The Chicago Urban League has launched a series of fundraising campaigns(…)

Kenwood students headed to Brazil

Kenwood students headed to Brazil

By DASCHELL M. PHILLIPS Staff Writer Kenwood Academy High School students Shana Littleton and Sydnie Chassagne were awarded BP Scholarships and will spend the 2013-2014 school year as intercultural exchange students studying in Brazil through the AFS-USA Intercultural Program. Chassagne, a junior at Kenwood, 5015 S. Blackstone Ave., said she found the BP Scholarship in(…)

Herald revamps archives service

Herald revamps archives service

The Hyde Park Herald archives receives a dramatic facelift beginning this week, with a new set of tools for searching past issues in the Historical Archive and a Text Only Collection of recent issues of the Herald going back to 2010. The new digital collections are as complete a set of the 131-year-old community newspaper(…)