B&B proposal a practical choice

To the Editor:

Regarding the decision to oppose bed-and-breakfast status for two Frank Lloyd Wright houses in Kenwood:

Many neighbors with whom I have communicated on this issue were very surprised to read about Ald. Will Burns’ (4th) opposition to this proposal and even more surprised to hear about the meeting at which the B&B proposal was discussed. Nobody seems to have heard anything about it beforehand, and everybody I’ve talked with seems to feel that a B&B might be the best solution given the circumstances. Nobody wants to see these lovely houses deteriorate further and end up being demolished. I find it hard to believe that the dissenting neighbors want that either.

Dreams of two separate owners swooping in to buy each of these houses and then spending what might well be $1 million each in renovations in addition to the purchase price are not likely to come true. With further deterioration, demolition may well become inevitable. And then what? Two vacant lots? New residential construction out of keeping with the architecture of the neighborhood?

At which point there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth, but by then it will be too late.

Carolyn Ulrich