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Editorial: MAC’s major misstep

As we were going to press, just one of three adjacent townhomes owned by MAC Properties/Antheus Capital at 5110-5114 S. Harper Ave. remained standing. The other two were destroyed by a demolition crew, and we think it quite likely that the third will be gone by the time you are reading this. These greystones, built(…)

Our history is shamed by teardowns

To the Editor: Inaugurated with a chorus of 5,200 voices, the World’s Columbian Exposition brought 20 million visitors to Hyde Park. From that moment forward, Chicago entered the ranks of a world-class city. To showcase the possibilities of our community, C.A. Kapp, a local property owner, built at 5110-14 Jefferson Street (now Harper Avenue) a triad of urban homes, attached(…)

MAC’s promises cannot be trusted

To the Editor: Promises made. Promises broken. MAC promised to build its City Hyde Park without a public subsidy, and then asked for and got TIF money. MAC promised to restore the historic 1890s greystones at 5110 S. Harper Ave., and then tore them down for a parking lot. MAC’s promises aren’t worth much. Debra(…)

MAC’s sad moves

To the Editor: Well, MAC Properties certainly didn’t wait around for permission to knock down these townhouses with the lovely facades. Be sure to look behind the demolition at the contiguous parking lot reserved for Picadilly married student housing owned by the University of Chicago. Hmm! What is next? Nancy B. Baum

MAC demolition shows wantonness

To the Editor: One of the reactions of long-time Hyde Parkers to Susan Davis’ valuable and obviously timely series on “Lost Hyde Park” must be one of both sadness and outrage, not just for the historic structures we lost but also for the goods and services we no longer have and so far, in the(…)

57th Street Art Fair helping art students this year

57th Street Art Fair helping art students this year

By DASCHELL M. PHILLIPS Staff Writer Art students Seth Carlson, Sofia Hardy, Antonia-McMan McCline and Hannah Murray-King won the 57th Street Art Fair’s 2014 student competition. The art work of jewelry designer Carlson, a student from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, sketch artist Murray-King and photographers Hardy and McMan McCline, students from(…)

Hyde Park Community Players take on Shakespeare

Hyde Park Community Players take on Shakespeare

By LINDSAY WELBERS Staff Writer The Hyde Park Community Players will mark their fifth anniversary with a production of William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” This is among the players’ biggest casts, with more than 30 cast members, staging a production of “Romeo and Juliet” over three weekends in April. The players are once again collaborating(…)

Sephardic music at Congregation Rodfei Zedek this weekend

Sephardic music at Congregation Rodfei Zedek this weekend

By JEFFREY BISHKU-AYKUL Staff Writer Rodfei Zedek Congregation, 5200 S. Hyde Park Blvd., will host a weekend of programming focusing on Sephardic music. This Friday evening and Saturday morning, guitarist and singer Gerard Edery will incorporate Sephardic melodies into the congregation’s Shabbat services, according to cantor Rachel Rosenberg. On Saturday, the synagogue will host a(…)