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Ruling is not discouraging us

To the Editor: Last week the judge hearing the McMobil zoning case, Kathleen M. Pantle, granted a motion filed by the University of Chicago’s lawyers to dismiss our lawsuit. The motion alleged that the title company we hired to mail required notices miscalculated the property boundaries and thus failed to notify seven property owners on(…)

Why e-cigarettes need greater restriction

By ALD. WILLIAM D. BURNS (4TH) In January, I co-sponsored an ordinance to apply smoking restrictions to electronic cigarettes — namely, that e-cigarettes cannot be used in restaurants, bars and indoors. My father died 12 years ago at the age of 59 of a heart attack caused by a lifetime of smoking. Despite my father’s(…)

Deal with your dogs!

To the Editor: If we gripe and moan about the mess the geese leave behind, why don’t we say anything about the poop that the dog walkers leave behind? In summer we seem to understand how to keep our communities free of dog’s poop. Once cold weather hits, we seem to forget how to take a(…)

Kenwood Academy students excelling in Regional Science Fair, moving to citywide

Kenwood Academy students excelling in Regional Science Fair, moving to citywide

Kenwood Academy High School students Sebastian Augusthy (11th grade), Carlos Cortes (10th), Bennett Hensey (11th), Waylan Mui (10th) and Ariel Judah (11th) represented the school Thursday at the Regional Science Fair at Chicago State University. Out of the five students, four of them — Augusthy, Cortes, Hensey and Mui — advanced to the citywide science(…)

Local blogger is rising

Local blogger is rising

By JEFFREY BISHKU-AYKUL Staff Writer Blogger Mikki Kendall is no stranger to controversy. The Hyde Park native has made many Internet friends and enemies, tackling such sensitive topics as abortion, race and gender inequality with unapologetic candor. She has also achieved as of late a certain kind of fame on the web, which has spread(…)

Bergstein’s deli holds grand opening

Bergstein’s NY Deli, 1164 E. 55th St., held its grand opening last Monday, and will begin closing five hours later, at 8 p.m., starting on Feb. 10. The grand opening featured free desserts and finger foods over music as well as a gift card raffle, according to owner Bill Davis. The Chicago Heights-based Bergstein’s opened(…)

Local Obama library momentum building

By LINDSAY WELBERS Staff Writer University of Chicago President Robert Zimmer announced his support for a library housing artifacts from Barack Obama’s presidency located on the South Side of Chicago on Friday. Zimmer’s statement comes on the same day that the formal process of finding a location for the library and museum began. The Barack(…)

Part 3: The commercial core at 53rd Street and Lake Park Avenue

Part 3: The commercial core at 53rd Street and Lake Park Avenue

By SUSAN O’CONNOR DAVIS It is no coincidence that the revival of Hyde Park’s commercial core is centered at 53rd and Lake Park Avenue, an intersection that over the years has witnessed growth and decline, tragedy and renewal. Today on any weekend night there is a line out the door at Chipotle, valet parking is(…)