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Williams seeks SSA cash from TIF

Williams seeks SSA cash from TIF

By Jeffrey Bishku-Aykul Assistant to the Editor Community members and businesspeople convened at the 53rd Street Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Advisory Council meeting Monday, May 13, to discuss and detail the changing face of Hyde Park. Highlights of the meeting, held at Kenwood Academy, 5015 S. Blackstone Ave., included a proposed neighborhood special service area(…)

Plan commission endorses Vue53

Plan commission endorses Vue53

By LINDSAY WELBERS Staff Writer The Chicago Plan Commission passed the plan to build the 13-story Vue53 at the McMobil site on Thursday. The only vote against the plan was from George Migala, who questioned why the height for the building was necessary. “Why so high?” Migala asked. Mesa Development attorney Graham Grady said that(…)

Ancona gala huge success

Ancona gala huge success

By DASCHELL M. PHILLIPS Staff Writer The Ancona School raised more than $200,000 at its 50th Anniversary Gala earlier this month. The funding will be used to provide scholarships and update technology and playground equipment at the school. The event, which was held at the Chicago Marriott on May 4, had an unprecedented number of(…)

Money drives McMobil height

To the Editor: I have to take exception with the recent spate of orchestrated letters in the Herald touting the “economic” benefits of the McMobil Vue53 development. The debate is not about economic benefits to the neighborhood. It’s really about doing development “on the cheap.” Ask yourself one question: Why is there no discussion of(…)

Recycling system is doomed to fail

To the Editor: Hyde Parkers want to recycle. It is in their nature. However, let’s do the math: The recycle bins are picked up every two weeks. A typical household has four times the recyclables in two weeks than food items. I would say that in a two-week period a typical household would have one(…)

Medical center not up to its reputation

To the Editor: For some time now the University of Chicago Medical Center has been loudly proclaiming that it is “at the forefront of medicine.” If the UCMC were actually at the forefront, the following would have occurred or would be occurring, besides the process of finding advanced methods to treat its patients: • My(…)

Let Hyde Park vote on the McMobil Project

To the Editor: Thank you to everybody who attended the Chicago Plan Commission meeting on May 16, wrote letters to the commission or spoke at the meeting. If nothing else the commission and developer have gotten the idea that there is a lot of opposition to McMobil. This is not over. Apologists for McMobil talk(…)

U. of C. would not build Quad McMobil

To the Editor: The McMobil development promises benefits that few Hyde Park residents would reject: more retail stores, new consumers to patronize them, a lively presence of new residents on 53rd Street and in Nichols Park, unionized employment during the construction period and after and a percentage of low-cost housing units. I embrace all of(…)