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Part Twelve: Remarkable Gifts: Fernwood Villa

Part Twelve: Remarkable Gifts: Fernwood Villa

By SUSAN O’CONNOR DAVIS The spring of 1901 found the grounds of Fernwood Villa chilly and damp — warmth was slow to come after another of Chicago’s cold winters. Although daylight lengthens by May, the month is notorious as the winds often shift off the lake and temperatures suddenly fall. Yet Maria Scammon was content,(…)

Stunning voices in uneven “Tannhäuser”

Where: Lyric Opera, 20 N. Wacker Drive When: through March 6 Phone: 312-332-2244 By M.L. RANTALA Classical Music Critic Wagner’s “Tannhäuser” pits profane and sacred love against each other in battle for the title character’s soul. Lyric Opera of Chicago now offers the opera in a production new to Chicago, the first time it has(…)

Review: “Samsara”

VERY SLIGHTLY RECOMMENDED Where: Victory Gardens Biograph Theater, 2433 N. Lincoln Ave. When: through March 8 Tickets: $15-$60 Phone: 773-871-3000 By ANNE SPISELMAN Theater Critic In an interview in the program for the world premiere of “Samsara” at Victory Gardens Biograph Theater, playwright Lauren Yee describes herself as someone “who starts the writing process without(…)

Review: “The Rose Tattoo”

Review: “The Rose Tattoo”

RECOMMENDED Where: Shattered Globe at Theater Wit, 1229 W. Belmont Ave. When: through Feb. 28 Tickets: $33 Phone: 773-975-8150 By ANNE SPISELMAN Theater Critic Tennessee Williams was hardly known for happy endings, but with “The Rose Tattoo” he came pretty close. While the semi-operatic, typically symbolic play is drenched in common Williams themes like loss(…)

Caught in a Bad Rehab

Caught in a Bad Rehab

Residents of Kenwood cherish their homes, in spite of the fact that these century old structures are often times an endless pit into which one throws hard earned dollars. Nevertheless year after year clay tile roofs are repaired, windows installed, copper replaced, lengths of board repainted and brickwork tuckpointed. Owning these properties is not an(…)

A vote for Dyett plan from a familiar name

To the Editor: My name is Dr. Timuel Black and I have lived in Bronzeville for 95 years. Captain Walter Dyett was a very important person within the community who I knew personally for most of those years. The proposal that has been developed by the Coalition to Revitalize Dyett High School and presented to(…)

Shovel your sidewalks, MAC

To the Editor: For Hyde Park pedestrians, especially those of us who are older and have balance problems and walk with canes, accumulated snow and ice makes walking more difficult and more dangerous. I’ve been noticing again this winter that MAC Property Management has been deficient in arranging for snow removal in front of some(…)

Parkland library deal a shameful thing

To the Editor: I am ashamed of the Chicago Park District Board for not fulfilling their roles as stewards of the parkland, and protecting it from development. Mr. Tim Black and others have only shown how clueless they are, regarding the value of the park land as open space. They are, and I have a(…)