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Q and A with the new Kenwood head football coach

Q and A with the new Kenwood head football coach

By Joseph Phillips Sports Writer Name: Jack Ramsey Position: Head Varsity Football Coach School: Kenwood Academy Mascot: Broncos Conference: Windy City Conference Previous Record: 5-4 conference, 15-12 overall Current Record: 0-0 conference, 0-0 overall Previous Ranking: No. 4 Current Ranking: None Jack Ramsey is entering his first season as Head Varsity Football Coach of Kenwood Academy. Prior to his hiring, Ramsey excelled in a number of(…)

Would Hyde Park Obama like President Obama?

To the Editor: As a Hyde park resident having worked the 2008 presidential election cycle as a field organizer in Ohio for President Obama, I take a somewhat nuanced view of Obama’s last term.  I recently wondered just how content Organizer Obama would be with President Obama. As a young student, Barack Obama was filled(…)

We were promised arts films at Harper Theater

To the Editor: I was so looking forward to seeing good movies in Hyde Park, and for the first six months after you opened, I did find movies I liked and I did come to the Hyde Park Theater. Now I look and look and there is nothing there for me to see. Just now, “Rosenwald”(…)

Obama Foundation continues search for architect

Obama Foundation continues search for architect

By SAM RAPPAPORT Staff Writer One hundred and forty architecture firms are vying for control over the future design of the Obama Presidential Center, which will be located in either Jackson Park or Washington Park on Chicago’s South Side. On Sept. 18, The Barack Obama Foundation released a statement outlining the overall demographics of the(…)

Fond memories of the Eagle

By ALLISON MATYUS Staff Writer When looking back at fond memories or “the good ol’ times”, people often associate that with a certain place. Whether that be the small town diner with the best pancakes in town, that one record store that always had undiscovered vinyl or the secret spot by the lake where the(…)

Family’s success stories have roots in Hyde Park’s diversity

By ALLISON MATYUS Staff Writer Hyde Park has always been a diverse community with a multi-cultural scene that has shaped a number of influential people. When the Hinojosas moved to Hyde Park from Mexico in 1962, the collaborative culture shaped them into who they are as individuals and as a family. “We quickly adjusted to(…)

String of car burglaries hits southeast Hyde Park

By SAM RAPPAPORT Staff Writer A recent string of car burglaries in the 5400-5500 blocks of S. Shore Drive has residents in the southeast section of Hyde Park on high alert. Since Sept. 11, there have been seven reported incidents of vehicle break-ins spanning these two blocks. The incidents are as follows: Friday, Sept. 11,(…)

U. of C. report finds that suspension rates relate to race

By ALLISON MATYUS Staff Writer According to a new report from the University of Chicago (U. of C.) racial disparities among Chicago Public Schools (CPS) are one of the driving forces of suspension rates. “A subset of Chicago schools-about a quarter of high schools and 10 percent of schools with middle grades-have very high suspension(…)

Water Shut off for 53rd Street Wednesday

By ALLISON MATYUS Staff Writer The Chicago Department of Water Management has issued a water shut off notice in the Hyde Park area. The water shut off will be in effect tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept. 23, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. or later. The area that will be affected by the water shut off is(…)

Hyde Park robberies warrant notice

By SAM RAPPAPORT Staff Writer Second District police are warning Hyde Park residents to stay vigilant in the wake of three armed robberies that took place over the course of four days recently. According to the police reports, the offenders approached the victims on the street, brandished a handgun and confiscated property. Dates and locations(…)

Coalition: End of strike, but no end to fight

Coalition: End of strike, but no end to fight

By ALLISON MATYUS Staff Writer Members of the Coalition to Revitalize Dyett addressed their 34-day hunger strike at a press conference on Monday evening. A group of parents and community members, who became known as the “Dyett 12,” ended their hunger strike on Saturday, Sept. 19. The hunger strikers began their strike to speak out(…)

Jay responds to Ald. Burns

To the Editor While Alderman Burns and I don’t agree on much, I do concur with one phrase in his recent letter to the editor; that phrase is “the facts are the facts.” The decision to close a school is both highly politicized and racialized, as school closings have had a disparate impact on African(…)

Circus coming to Washington Park

Circus coming to Washington Park

By SAM RAPPAPORT Staff Writer The UniverSoul Circus is coming to Washington Park on Tuesday, Sept. 22, for performances that will run through Oct. 18. Audience members can expect an interactive combination of circus arts, theater and music that spans the genres of pop, R&B, Latin, hop-hop, jazz and gospel. The troupe is celebrating 20(…)

Dyett advocates end hunger strike

Dyett advocates end hunger strike

The 12 members of the Coalition to Revitalize Dyett, who went on a hunger strike to keep Dyett High School an open-enrollment community school, have ended their fast, according to the Teachers for Social Justice website. The members, who began on Aug. 17, concluded their hunger strike on Sept. 19 after 34 days of fasting.(…)

Local girl goes missing

By Sam Rappaport Chicago Police are reporting that Fifteen-year-old Mikaylah Martin is missing from the 5700 block of South Prairie Avenue. The last contact made with Martin was on Sept. 17. She is Black with brown eyes and brown hair, standing 5’1″ and weighing 170 lbs. Martin is known to frequent the areas around 57th(…)

Burns responds to Jay Travis

To the Editor Jay Travis asserts in her letter to the editor September 4, 2015 that public pressure lead me to fight to reverse the decision to close Dyett High School. Everyone, including Ms. Travis, is entitled to their opinion, but the facts are the facts. In 2012, I stood shoulder to shoulder with the(…)

Rajun Cajun revamps

By SAM RAPPAPORT Staff Writer Rajun Cajun, 1459 E. 53rd St., reopened Thursday, Sept. 17, after being closed since July 3 for interior restorations. New tables, seating, lighting, tiles and wood paneling give the small, Indian cafe a sleek appearance. Rajun Cajun’s long-time owner Trushar Patel said that the recent work was prompted by a(…)

Sheriff Dept. involved in Drexel Blvd. shooting

Sheriff Dept. involved in Drexel Blvd. shooting

By SAM RAPPAPORT Staff Writer Over a dozen police cars cordoned off a section of the 5100 block of South Drexel Boulevard on Wednesday afternoon, following a shooting involving two on-duty Cook County Sheriff’s Department deputies. At approximately 3:50 p.m. in the 800 block of East Drexel Square Drive, according to police, two Cook County(…)

Children’s Book Fair returns for 29th year

Children’s Book Fair returns for 29th year

By ALLISON MATYUS Staff Writer What started out as a back-to-school event has turned into an anticipated celebration that families and future book lovers look forward to every year. The Children’s Book Fair returns for its 29th year at the Downtown Hyde Park Fest on Sunday, Sept. 20 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The(…)

Hyde Park Trolley so far unsuccessful

By SAM RAPPAPORT Staff Writer On “Black Friday,” November 28, 2014, Special Service Area (SSA) Hyde Park initiated a trolley service that ran for five consecutive weekends, traveling along 53rd Street between Hyde Park Boulevard and Woodlawn Avenue. The project was created to gauge interest in a permanent Hyde Park trolley that would offer transportation(…)