A Chosen Few family reunion

By Maria Castellucci

The 23rd Annual Old School Reunion at Jackson Park on Saturday July 6 was an experience unlike any other.

Over 30,000 people visited Jackson Park to attend the house music event hosted by the Chosen Few DJs.

When I was spoke with Chosen Few DJ Tony Hatchett two weeks ago for a preview story on the annual picnic, he said it was unlike anything you’ve ever been to.

He was right.

Chosen Few (Maria)

As a person who does not have much experience at concerts and musical events, I was amazed by how hypothetic and contagious the music was for the vast crowd. That energy soon rubbed off on me, as I found myself moving to the beat.

The music was truly great, as songs were expertly altered by Chosen Few DJS Tony Hatchett, Andre Hatchett, Wayne Williams, Jesse Saunders, Alan King, Terry Hunter and Mike Dunn.

There were vendors in attendance selling all kinds of food. But some people set up tents throughout the park and barbequed with family and friends.

It was this aspect of the event that makes it so unique. The sense of family and community is tangibly clear. It is something the Chosen Few DJs have worked hard to maintain during these 23 years of continued growth.

All in all, for only 20 dollars, Hyde Park residents can enjoy authentic house music and a great night with family and friends in a great family, fun atmosphere.