Book Talk – The $1 Cart at O’Gara and Wilson

By Yasmine Laasraoui

Photo by Yasmine Laasraoui

As a non-Hyde Parker, I find myself exploring new and interesting places everyday. I have discovered the neighborhood’s bookstores, unlike the sterile environments of Barnes & Nobles and Borders, to be perfect places to spend an afternoon.

At O’Gara and Wilson’s, 1448 E. 57th St., black and white tiled flooring and vintage wooden chairs accompany the stacks of books, neatly organized in different aisles.

A small cart advertising books priced at “$1.00 (plus tax)” caught my eye. I shuffled through comics, a book titled “The Automatic Millionaire” claiming that “Finishing Rich is Easy as 1,2,3,4!” and “The Book of Revelation” before spotting a hidden treasure.

Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America, frayed around the edges, hid beneath a stack of “Cards Illustrated.” As a political science major, I had studied de Tocqueville’s work at great lengths and was immediately excited by what I had found.

The one-dollar and some change I exchanged for the book seemed like more than a fair deal. I can’t help but wonder what other valuable books sit hidden on those shelves.