Acoustic concert to feature catchy, feel-good tunes

By Andrew Holzman

Photo source: Amanda Duncan

Hyde Park will get an acoustic concert with (at least) a lot of personality this Friday. New Jersey-based singer and songwriter Amanda Duncan will play at Hutchinson Courtyard, on the U. of C.’s campus, from 8-10 p.m.

Duncan’s website describes her work as “feel-good music,” and Duncan said her concerts include “a lot of sing-alongs and participatory things.” Most of the music she will perform will be her own.

“I try to make sure that people are left with one of my songs in their head,” she said. “I work so hard to write the best songs I possibly can.”

A visit to Duncan’s website shows the artist has a particular brand of spunk – one blog post is signed “I hope you are kicking booty.” The artist is not all show though; Duncan said she’s won Independent Music Awards three times in the last five years.

Take a look for yourself at this music video. Or, if you’d like to see more absurd photos of Duncan, try here. For more information about the concert, contact 773-702-8787.