Obama Watch: Walgreens’ presidential shrine markdown

By Yasmine Laasraoui

Photos by Yasmine Laasraoui

In 2008, the Walgreen’s on 55th Street used to advertise on its brightly lit sign, “We have President Obama Merchandise.” Shelves were stocked with various Obama goods, from posters and t-shirts to “Barock” pet rocks, catering to the public’s pre- and post-elections needs.

But Hyde Park’s kitschy shrine no longer exists.  A manager at Walgreen’s stated that the store “did have [an Obama] section, but due to sales it was removed.”

Today, the end of the store’s cosmetics aisle features discounted shampoos alongside marked-down Obama merchandise. Obama shot glasses are priced at $1.49, and travel mugs at $4.49.

Is this a reflection on the Administration’s recent performance or has Obama fever cooled down for good?