Neighborhood Snapshot– Freehling Pot and Pan Company

By Andrew Holzman

Freehling Pot and Pan Company, 1365 E. 53rd Street, sells knives from nine to 90 dollars, and owner Sue Freehling is proud of it. The store is a good place to go if you’re in need of kitchen supplies, or maybe even just some entertainment.

On the one hand, Freehling sells fancy blocks of soap, high-end knives and other kitchen goods Gordon Ramsey wouldn’t so much as swear at.

“People from the North Side are just surprised that we’re here. They don’t expect to find a nice store,” Freehling said.

On the other, the store carries low-priced paper goods and what Freehling called “made-in-China aluminum pans.”

“People come from all over to buy the paper goods,” she said. Napkins and the like sell for around two to five dollars.

Freehling has lived in Hyde Park her whole life—on the same street, no less. Her parents sold dresses.

“I grew up in retail,” she said. “I thought I wouldn’t be in it, but somehow I’m in it.”