Reality star arrested in Hyde Park

Hyde Park got another Hollywood connection (cf. Chaka Khan, Chicago Fire) with the arrest of reality TV star Josh Marks early Monday morning. The U. of C. police arrested the 26 year old at 5428 S. Kimbark after he attacked and attempted to disarm a police officer.

Marks was a finalist on the show “MasterChef,” in which TV chef Gordon Ramsay stars. It is uncertain whether Marks will be able to cook up an excuse at his next court date.

HeraldBlog can’t confirm claims (made by celebrity news source TMZ that Marks said Ramsay “possessed his body and then turned him into God,” but we sure do think that’d be interesting.

According to a spokesperson for the Cook County state’s attorney, Marks will be charged with two class two felonies: aggravated battery to a police officer and attempting to disarm a police officer. According to the spokesperson, the charges carry sentences between three and seven years. Bail is set at $150,000.

Not since George Lucas’ wedding has Hyde Park gotten such attention.