My corncob pipe

We got this letter from Hyde Parker Ken Xavier Zehir and thought we’d pass it along.


“I first started smoking when I was seven years of age.

It was a Newport cigarette, and I nearly choked to death. I mean I coughed my fool head off!

At 16, to look adult, I smoked my first pipe.

It was a corncob.

This time there was no coughing and the pipe had a rich, magnificently sweet aroma. It was thoroughly enjoyable. So I was hooked, and for 47 years after 16, I have enjoyed smoking pipes of various makes. In fact, I am smoking a Briar as I write this. Avid smoker that I am, I never touched another cigarette. When the law was passed and tobacco prices hit the roof, only pipe tobacco was modestly priced. Quite low prices in fact.

Now I am not blatantly trying to convert cigarette smokers to pipe smoking, but I find pipes and pipe tobacco the best deal in town! One 14 ounce bag of CVS tobacco or a Walgreen’s Value Pack of vanilla or Black Cavendish lasts me one month. This is a darn sight better than spending $40-$100 per carton of cigarettes. Besides, many women love the smell of pipe tobacco, and many comment to me how it reminds them of grandpa, or uncle or dad. So, why not give it a try? Need a good pipe? Go to Iwan Ries Tobacconists at 19 S. Wabash. Second floor—and happy smoking!”