Hyde Park natives bring hip hop home (VIDEO)


Returning to where it all started is how the duo of Simeon Viltz and Mulatto Patriot viewed a recent listening party at Hyde Park Records, 1377 E. 53rd Street, for their album “Ray Elementary”. Simeon and Mulatto Patriot or MP both attended Ray Elementary School in Hyde Park along with many of the featuring artists on the album.

According to Simeon, the album’s eclectic musical mix is similar to the varied population of students that attended Ray school. “Our student body economically, racially, culturally-everything was just diverse and I feel like the record is very diverse,” Simeon said. “It has funk. It has jazz and soul. It has a little hard edge.”

MP enjoyed creating the duet project with Simeon which challenged and refined both of their talents creativity all while having fun at the same time. “We worked on songs previous to this album that really came out well and this album was kind of like us getting stronger, connecting better,” MP said. “These were really some of the great times of my life. I loved making this album with Simeon.”

The Ray Elementary album is available for free download here.