A first look at Native Foods


I recently decided to check out Hyde Park’s new vegan spot, Native Foods Café. As I entered, I noticed the vibe was very inviting and happy. The first employee I met was very polite and greeted me with a smile as I walked up to the register. While looking around, I noticed that the furniture was very nice and the lighting was just right. I decided to get Da Bears Platter with an order of sweet potato fries.  The platter came with Scorpion Burgers, Meatball Subs, Native Chicken Wings, and Chips and Salsa. As soon as I bit into the Native Chicken wings, I was amazed to find that it tasted like chicken and didn’t have that rubbery texture most “meat” has. The wings had a crispy outer layer with a soft inside which gave it a more delectable taste to it. Sadly, I was a bit disappointed with the Scorpion Burgers because they were plain and didn’t really taste like a burger; more like a salad. The meatball subs were great, something I would definitely get again; the sandwiches tasted just like they had real meatballs in it! Finally, the sweet potato fries were perfect, the seasoning was on point, and I don’t usually like sweet potato fries either; perfect for a snack on the go!