Hip hop duo “The Ol’ Days”, visits The University of Chicago’s community radio station WHPK

Rookie of The Ol' Days waits to go on air Jennet Posey

Rookie of The Ol’ Days waits to go on air

-Jennet Posey

This past weekend, the Chicago hip hop duo “The Ol’ Days”, visited The University of Chicago’s community radio station WHPK in promotion for their upcoming concert with hip hop artist Talib Kweli who is known for being one of the most lyrical and socially aware rappers in the last 20 years. The Ol’ Days have promoted on the station four times in the past two weeks for the show which is at 8 p.m., May 25, at the Metro, 3730 N. Clark St.

“The Ol’ Days” member Rookie, recalls WHPK as an outlet to other radio stations while he was growing up in Chicago. “I’ve been listening to WHPK all my life and now I’m on it. That’s crazy to me.”

When “The Ol’ Days” member Ki moved to Chicago in 2007, he quickly learned how great the influence WHPK had in the community and was honored to be able to be a part of that history. “To be able to be on WHPK is a big milestone,” said Ki. “For The Ol’ Days” to get our music on there, not only to Chicago, but to the world.

Ki of The Ol' Days checks out WHPK's record collection Jennet Posey

Ki of The Ol’ Days checks out WHPK’s record collection

-Jennet Posey

Historically, WHPK has always been a platform for up and coming artists in Chicago. According to Taigo, who is the host of The Essence Radio Show and responsible for helping “The Ol’ Days” get on air, WHPK began the trend of being the only FM station that played uncut music on air. “Anybody that’s anybody got their record played at WHPK,” said Taigo.

According to Taigo, the vibe that “The Ol’ Days” brought to WHPK was reminiscent of 90s hip hop. “Their energy at the station was a breath of fresh air.”

The Ol' Days on air with host Taigo Jennet Posey

The Ol’ Days on air with host Taigo

-Jennet Posey

For more information about the event or to purchase tickets please click here.