EDITORIAL: Time to revive WhistleSTOP

We are all well aware of the gun and crime problem in Chicago. And we are also aware that it has spread to many unexpected places like last week to Michigan Avenue and Millennium Park. And we have all noticed the upswing in incidents in the neighborhood. Most recently an attempted robbery of a University(…)

EDITORIAL: Who is Sophia King?

“Who is she?” From the moment Sophia King was selected by Mayor Rahm Emanuel as the Interim Alderman of the 4th Ward, due to former Ald. Burns’ abrupt exit in February for a position at Airbnb, the most prominent question from Hyde Park residents has been “Who is she?” We’ve received phone calls, emails and(…)

The Hyde Park Herald endorses Christian Mitchell

The Hyde Park Herald endorses incumbent Christian Mitchell for State Rep. in the 26th District Democratic primary. After taking stock of the candidates running in this year’s election we’ve noticed that many of our local elected officials such as State Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie (D-25) and State Sen. Kwame Raoul are going unchallenged in the(…)

What about Reese?

Like everyone else we talk to, we are in favor of bringing the Barack Obama Presidential Library to the South Side of Chicago. We think it will be a powerful symbol. It probably will also be a modest but positive economic contributor, and it can be thoughtfully accomplished without displacing residents. We do wonder, though,(…)

Some advice for Will Burns

We anticipate a solid victory for Ald. Will Burns (4th). Although perennial challenger Norman Bolden seems to have finally made significant inroads into Hyde Park — as evidenced by a letter signed by numerous Hyde Park residents that appeared in last week’s Herald — he is still challenged organizationally and financially. That combination is lethal(…)

Hairston deserves four more years

Even with a wide variety of alternatives to choose from, we are endorsing Ald. Leslie Hairston (5th) for another four-year term. Hairston continues to manage a ward that extends across multiple neighborhoods with passion and commitment. While there are always Hyde Parkers to be found who say she spends too much time in South Shore(…)

Sunshine is still the best disinfectant

The best of Hyde Park’s impulses have been on display in recent weeks in response to allegations of harassment of young people by the University of Chicago Police Department. A community meeting was held to air grievances. A task force is in formation under the auspices of the Fifth Ward office. Hyde Parkers are being(…)

Considering the Jackson Park fishkill

There is much to like about the plans for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ (USACE) Jackson Park facelift, named Project 506. We have carefully reported the details of this proposal and provided links to the plan published by the USACE on our website. All of this coverage has been done with the tacit support(…)

Editorial: MAC’s major misstep

As we were going to press, just one of three adjacent townhomes owned by MAC Properties/Antheus Capital at 5110-5114 S. Harper Ave. remained standing. The other two were destroyed by a demolition crew, and we think it quite likely that the third will be gone by the time you are reading this. These greystones, built(…)

Editorial: Support Murray’s stand on testing

Murray Language Academy’s local school council is officially putting Chicago Public Schools on notice that it is tired of students and teachers being put through the ringer for the sake of a battery of standardized tests of questionable value. Their opposition comes in the form of a resolution, so it is hardly earth shattering, but(…)

Being part of the solution

We are disappointed but not altogether surprised at the decision by Ald. Leslie Hairston (5th) to suspend her experiment in participatory budgeting. While she cites expense, we cannot help but wonder whether the handful of voters who bothered to take advantage of her offer to help select budget priorities for the ward was anything approaching what(…)

Harper greystones deserve preservation

Antheus Capital’s decision demolish three historic greystones on the 5100 block of Harper Avenue to pave the site for parking has, in our view, no redeeming justification. We fear the announcement marks a turning point in the way the New Jersey-based company is thinking about its responsibilities in the neighborhood. When Antheus founder Eli Unger(…)