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Hollywood takes over Hyde Park streets

By ALLISON MATYUS Staff Writer Hollywood came to Hyde Park on Friday to film a scene of “Southside With You,” a movie about President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama’s first date. Ald. Will Burns (4th) notified residents and businesses on 53rd Street between Woodlawn Avenue and Kimbark Avenue, and all of Kimbark Avenue between Hyde(…)

Police critics take to street

By SAM RAPPAPORT Staff Writer The Campaign for Equitable Policing (CEP), a student-led organization encouraging accountability and equitable policing practices in the University of Chicago Police Department (UCPD), is canvassing through Hyde Park in the hopes of furthering its relationship with the community. The CEP was formed in 2013 after students from Dyett and Kenwood(…)

CPS budget hurts local schools

By SAM RAPPAPORT Staff Writer Jesse Ruiz, interim CEO for Chicago Public Schools (CPS), said in a press conference on Monday, July 13, that CPS would lose $106 million in funding from the state this year. The statement comes as Chicago schools are presented with individual budgets for fiscal year 2016. “We’re disappointed that Springfield(…)

Dyett group squares off against local politicians

By SAM RAPPAPORT Staff Writer A Bronzeville community organization is pitting itself against Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and Ald. Will Burns (4th) in an effort to bring an open enrollment, Chicago Public Schools (CPS)-operated high school into the neighborhood. Members of the Coalition to Revitalize Dyett High School along with Bronzeville residents and CPS teachers gathered(…)

Ald. Burns, Pfleger speak on “Chiraq”

By SAM RAPPAPORT Staff Writer Ald. Will Burns (4th) and Rev. Michael Pfleger were featured in a panel discussion at the City Club of Chicago on Thursday, July 9, that addressed the controversial title of Spike Lee’s latest film, “Chiraq.” Burns has been outspoken against the movie’s title for some time. He has gone so(…)

Focus Desk helps special learners

By SAM RAPPAPORT Staff Writer Nancy Dellamore, once a Hyde Park Day School parent, is pioneering a new classroom desk that adapts to students’ learning styles. The Focus Desk, an easily-adjustable workstation, is a product of Marvel Group Inc., a Chicago-based furniture company that Dellamore and her husband co-own. For more than a decade, Dellamore(…)

Barbara Flynn Currie presents temporary budget for state

By SAM RAPPAPORT Staff Writer On Thursday, July 9, the Illinois House of Representatives voted to fund critical services and state workers’ salaries until August. The House passed the $2.3 billion temporary budget on a 71-19 vote. The fiscal year began July 1 with no comprehensive, annual budget in place. State Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie(…)

Beer and wine coming soon to Open Produce

By SAM RAPPAPORT Staff Writer Cheers — Hyde Parkers will soon be able to purchase beer and wine at Open Produce. Steven Lucy, the store’s founder and owner, expects that the first round of alcoholic beverages will be on sale within the next two weeks. Lucy has been pursuing a license to sell beer and(…)