Letters To The Editor

We Can Do This

To the Editor:  The state of the U.S. is $10 billion in debt in unpaid bills now. Chicago, according to the Civic Foundation, is at least $2 billion in debt and $30 billion in pension liabilities short term. The Federal Government is almost $20 trillion in debt and $120 trillion in pension and other liabilities.(…)

U. of C. men’s soccer team eliminated in Sweet 16

U. of C. men’s soccer team eliminated in Sweet 16

By JOSEPH PHILLIPS Sports Writer The no. 1 ranked University of Chicago men’s soccer team fell to Redland’s College 3-2 on Saturday afternoon, Nov. 19, at Stagg Field, 5530 S. Ellis Ave., losing their first game of the season. “It changed the game a little bit,” said Mike Babst, head coach of the Maroons about the windy weather conditions. “[But(…)

Halloween Purge was not just kids having fun

To the Editor:  Honestly, I don’t live in an ivory tower, looking down and pre-judging the situation, as implied by Ms. Hamilton in her comments to the Hyde Park Herald on November 2. I have my feet on the ground but when I saw a crowd of teenagers disrespecting Hyde Park and its residents by throwing(…)

Halloween Purge teens need guidance and positive outlets

To the Editor:  On Halloween night, I noticed a large group of teens in the McDonald’s parking lot on 53rd. I asked them one by one why they were out so late and their ages. After talking with them, I realized that we must do more to engage our youth in the Hyde Park community(…)

Eerie climate at school after presidential election

To the Editor:  I walk down the hallways. A certain eeriness is present. The eeriness that was present when, in seventh grade, I walked the streets of Paris after Charlie Hebdo. It was quiet. The usual sounds were not there. No teachers laughing together over coffee, no students causally watching Netflix on their laptops during(…)

Kenwood Track situation

To the Editor:  Its not surprising to find out that the athletic field at Kenwood is falling apart and Chicago Public Schools (CPS) won’t repair it. It doesn’t matter who owns the property, it’s about making the track and field better for our local students. As someone who has a great deal of experience in(…)

Congratulations to KOCO for organizing the elected school board town hall meeting

To the Editor: The Town Hall Meeting about an Elected Representative School Board for Chicago, held at Operation Rainbow PUSH on October 17, was organized and hosted by the Kenwood Oakland Community Organization (KOCO), the Lugenia Burns Hope Center, and Action Now, all members of the Grassroots Education Movement (GEM). The members of these organizations(…)

Are we really improving Jackson Park?

To the Editor: At a Museum of Contemporary Art concert a month ago, Tatsu Aoki advised attendees that he and his ensemble would be playing at the opening of Yoko Ono’s art installation in Jackson Park. He said it would be a gala affair, and advised potential attendees to arrive early because “thousands might be(…)

Imagine there’s no input

To the Editor: We write concerning your Oct. 19 coverage of the dedication of Yoko Ono’s Sky Landing sculpture on Wooded Island. It was a lavish event indeed, but your coverage neglected to note that it was by invitation only, that interested community members were turned away, and that numerous questions concerning how the installation(…)

Positive news at Stout Park

To the Editor: We’ve followed recent Herald articles and letters about the sometimes-challenging relations between Hyde Parkers and their parks. The Stout Park Park Advisory Council [PAC] has a more positive tale to relate. One important lesson: “what a difference a PAC can make.”  We’re happy, certainly, with what our PAC has accomplished.  But our(…)

WhistleSTOP is worth reviving

To the Editor:  Great that you support the revival of Whistle Stop. (I think I still have mine somewhere; I always have a whistle like it on my key chain!) I remember incidents where it really made a difference! The great thing about it is that people didn’t have to put themselves at risk to(…)

HPKCC is reignighting its WhistleStop campaign

To the Editor: Congratulations on your important and timely September 28 editorial about the WhistleStop Program! Important, because the WhistleStop program, unlike any other we know of, exemplifies the vital impact of neighbors acting together to help protect each other from danger, thereby enhancing the safety of all of us in the community we share.(…)

Urge inspection of potential safety hazards at Metra in Hyde Park

To the Editor: Urge inspection of potential health and safety hazards in Metra properties in Hyde Park. The Metra retail properties under the tracks are using unsafe and illegal methods to address water damage in ceiling supports. Gutters are not legal to be installed inside, yet Metra has installed gutters in their retail stores. This(…)

Supreme Court denies citizens a chance to vote for non-partisan redistricting

To the Editor: “You have sat here too long for any good you are doing. Depart, I say, and let us be done with you.” Oliver Cromwell speaking to the Rump Parliament May 14, 1653. For the second time in a strictly partisan vote the state Supreme Court has denied the citizens a chance to(…)

Thank you for your concern for our kids

To the Editor: A warm thank you to members of the Hyde Park/Kenwood/Bronzeville community from Mothers and Men Against Senseless Killings (MASK) for your generous donations to our school supply drive for children in Englewood. We were out collecting four times in the neighborhood, and were overwhelmed by how many of you, from all walks(…)

Wooded Island news: good and not-so-good

To the Editor: There is good news and not-such-good news about the Osaka Japanese Garden and the Wooded Island.  The good news is that it is very likely that the fence surrounding the Island and lagoon will come down sometime next month.  The not-such-good-news, depending on one’s perspective, is that the occasion for this will(…)

Celebrating the return of the nurse midwife unit at U. of C.

To the Editor: I celebrate The University of Chicago Hospitals for re-opening its nurse midwife unit this month. I was one of the pregnant and new mothers who led the protest to stop the closure of the practice 13 years ago.  I feel vindicated and elated that the University of Chicago (U. of C.) now(…)

Thank you Hyde Park for supporting Woodlawn Voices and Visions

To the Editor: Thank you for the coverage last week of our program and our Aug. 20th showcase. We filled the 130-seat screening room of the Logan Center, and our diverse audience engaged in robust debate regarding the subject matter of the documentary shorts produced by our students and debuted that day. Hyde Park has(…)

Less is more for Jackson Park

To the Editor: With the siting of the Obama Library in Jackson Park, and expansive talk of a “Museum Campus South”, it is even more important that plans for the rest of Jackson Park get more scrutiny.  As the surrounding neighborhood develops and land is sought to relocate the displaced track and athletic fields, there will(…)

Illinois legislature needs new ideas to temper the state’s political turmoil

To the Editor:  The Illinois state legislature desperately needs new ideas to temper the state’s political turmoil, but the way we elect representatives prevents many groups with novel ideas from being represented in Springfield. While the Independent Map Amendment takes a much needed first step to reduce gerrymandering, single winner districts – where voters in(…)