Letters To The Editor

Would Hyde Park Obama like President Obama?

To the Editor: As a Hyde park resident having worked the 2008 presidential election cycle as a field organizer in Ohio for President Obama, I take a somewhat nuanced view of Obama’s last term.  I recently wondered just how content Organizer Obama would be with President Obama. As a young student, Barack Obama was filled(…)

We were promised arts films at Harper Theater

To the Editor: I was so looking forward to seeing good movies in Hyde Park, and for the first six months after you opened, I did find movies I liked and I did come to the Hyde Park Theater. Now I look and look and there is nothing there for me to see. Just now, “Rosenwald”(…)

Jay responds to Ald. Burns

To the Editor While Alderman Burns and I don’t agree on much, I do concur with one phrase in his recent letter to the editor; that phrase is “the facts are the facts.” The decision to close a school is both highly politicized and racialized, as school closings have had a disparate impact on African(…)

Burns responds to Jay Travis

To the Editor Jay Travis asserts in her letter to the editor September 4, 2015 that public pressure lead me to fight to reverse the decision to close Dyett High School. Everyone, including Ms. Travis, is entitled to their opinion, but the facts are the facts. In 2012, I stood shoulder to shoulder with the(…)

Why hunger strikers will continue to starve for Dyett

To the Editor The parents, grandparents and community members from the Committee to Revitalize Dyett, that have engaged in a 19 day hunger strike, were rightfully outraged when CPS CEO Forest Claypool announced a last minute, somewhat clandestine plan for Dyett High School. Flanked by a group of “leaders,” the majority of whom have either(…)

I continue to support positive Dyett future

By Ald. Will Burns (4th) Since 2011 serving as Alderman of the Fourth Ward in the City of Chicago, it has always been my passion, priority and commitment to advocate for quality, accessible, world-class education for all of our children. The record is clear – I fought to keep Dyett High School as a quality(…)

Looking for long-term budget fixes

By state Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie (D-25) Whither the budget? What is the long-term solution for the state’s budget challenges? Clearly the first priority is adequate and responsible funding for the state’s current fiscal year. While courts have, so far, mandated ongoing payments to some programs, not every critically important program is protected. These forced(…)

Items in DuSable exhibit provoke painful memories

To the Editor: In reference to [the] recent article “New Display at The DuSable Museum”(August 19), I am concerned about an item that will be displayed, for “Freedom, Resistance, and the Journey Toward Equality.” To get an idea of where one is headed, in my opinion, one must first know where he/she has been. Moving(…)