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Political Reports

Michael Reese site

Dear Friends, Since the start of my time serving as Alderman of this community, I have been adamant about making sure that the concerns of the constituents that I serve are adequately represented in any major development in the 4th Ward. This will not change with the request for proposal (RFP) process for the Michael(…)

Future energy jobs bill

Two weeks ago I voted for passage of the Future Energy Jobs Bill.  The measure will put Illinois at the top of the list when it comes to energy efficiency programs and substantially increase the state’s investment in renewable sources of energy, like wind and solar.  Along the way, it will create tens of thousands(…)

“Stop gap” funding will keep lights on at CSU but for how long?

Barbara Flynn Currie State Representative (d-25) I was the lead sponsor of the measure that will keep state universities and community colleges open, for at least a little while. It will also fund almost a semester’s worth of tuition costs for low-income college students. The measure passed, handily, in each chamber of the General Assembly.(…)

A glimmer of hope for CSU

A glimmer of hope for CSU

Kwame Raoul State Senator (D-13) Some good news came out of Springfield last week as the governor signed legislation that finally releases some state money for college students and public universities. It allows Chicago State University, which had been expected to run out of money and close its doors on April 30, to stay open(…)

A victory for state funded schools but still no permanent solution

A victory for state funded schools but still no permanent solution

Christian Mitchell State Rep. (D-26) Last week, in an important victory for our students in higher education, the Illinois legislature passed a bill that provided emergency funding for some of our most cash-strapped public colleges and universities – including Chicago State University. Without this funding, CSU would have been forced to close its doors on(…)

Raoul on State of the State: Governor’s “actions matter far more thin his words”

State Sen. Kwame Raoul (D-13) issued the following statement after hearing Governor Bruce Rauner’s update on the state of Illinois Jan. 27: It was good to hear the governor say that “we must cast partisanship and ideology aside.” I’m happy those words came from his lips, and I’m hoping someday they’ll make it to his(…)

Votes show double standard

By STATE SEN. KWAME RAOUL (D-13) The state Senate took two very important actions last Wednesday. But when the votes were cast, some were steeped in hypocrisy. Illinois has a heroin problem. Even as the yearly death toll from overdoses has risen to the highest of any state, we’ve posted the largest decline in resources(…)

Some priorities for 2015

By STATE REP. CHRISTIAN MITCHELL (D-26) Earlier this month, I had the distinct honor of being sworn into my second term as state representative of the 26th District. I ran for office because I believe that the most important guiding principle for our state, as we debate our budget and our plan for the future,(…)

Why I am a candidate

By Norman H. Bolden I was born and raised in the neighborhoods of the 4th Ward. I believe wholeheartedly in the right of all families in the ward to live, work and retire with dignity and fairness. This is why I am running for alderman of the 4th Ward. My father moved to this community(…)

My record of FOIA defense stands

To the Editor: Contrary to your Dec. 10 headline, I do not support secrecy in government. In fact, I was the sponsor of the original Illinois Freedom of Information Act and I have advanced additional improvements to the act over the years. I would never turn my back on our commitment to government transparency and(…)

A new law to allow recording of police

You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to an attorney. And in Illinois, you have the right to record police officers. That wasn’t always the case. In March, the Illinois Supreme Court struck down one of the nation’s harshest eavesdropping laws — a statute responsible for the arrest and prosecution of(…)

It’s time for an elected board

By JAY TRAVIS The facts recently shared by the Chicago Tribune in its series regarding the Chicago Public Schools’ issuance of $1 billion in auction rate securities coupled with risky interest rate swaps was not news to parents, community organizers and labor leaders who have vigilantly worked to expose the misuse of funds intended for(…)