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New and Improved Digital Collections

We have made some changes in the Historical Archives of the Hyde Park Herald. As you know, the archive includes every known copy of the Hyde Park Herald from 1882 until 2010. You can still search by date or subject. Your search results will now contain a short introduction for the article. There are icons on the top of the page to move around the page, view the complete page with the article you are searching for, turn the article or page into a pdf – and there is the ability to print.

The latest addition to our archive site is the Text Only Collection. In it you will be able to search for a subject from 2010 until this last week. Your results will be the complete text article, there will be no pictures or graphs until this collection is transferred over time into the Historical Archive.

The Hyde Park Herald archives will now be on college campuses and in research centers world wide through our new hosts, NewsBank.