Brian Belak

  • Film Review: “Pacific Rim”

    Screenwriter Travis Beacham, working on a script to be developed with director Guillermo del Toro, was walking along the Santa Monica Beach when he had visions of an epic battle between a giant robot and a giant sea monster occurring on the shoreline. When that initial project with del Toro was scrapped, then, Beacham decided [...]

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  • This summer at Doc Films

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  • This May at Doc Films


    By Brian Belak See for times and location Stroszek (May 8) Called “one of the oddest films ever made” by the late Roger Ebert, who included it in his “Great Movies” list, Stroszek follows deranged street musician Bruno Stroszek as he and his prostitute girlfriend, Eva, move from Berlin to rural Wisconsin to escape [...]

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  • This April at Doc Films


    By Brian Belak Amour (April 13, April 14 matinee) It’s rare that a foreign language film is nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture, it’s worth taking note that Amour did just that. Although Amour ultimately lost the award this year to Argo (also showing at Doc Films on April 4), the Austrian-directed, French-language [...]

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