• Hyde Park Bites– The Litehouse


    Although Valois is certainly the Hyde Park spot closest to my heart, when I’m looking to do that heart a favor, I head to the Litehouse Whole Food Grill, 1373 E. 53rd St. Litehouse is one of very few restaurants in the area focusing on food that’s a little bit healthier and a whole lot [...]

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  • Hyde Park Bites – South Side Shrimp

    By Richard Deulofeut Restaurant-paparazzi and food bloggers are already responding to what the Chicago Eater has called the “Hyde Park explosion.” Connections to Chicago dining institutions like Longman & Eagle and Matthias Merges’ Yusho are turning gourmand heads south, for once. I will admit that I too have joined the overblown hype. The Promontory and [...]

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