2013 June

  • From the Vault – Misguided historical headlines

    Screen Shot 2013 06 28 at 1.50.17 PM

    By Andrew Holzman Today’s headlines may seem a little silly tomorrow. Since 1884, Herald staff have been trying to think of heads that strike a balance between wit and accuracy. Some have landed better than others. A look through the online archives for information on a contemporary story revealed that, in addition to being a [...]

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  • Neighborhood Snapshot – The Jeffery Dollar Store

    53rd Street snapshot

    By Andrew Holzman The Jeffery Dollar Store, 1443 E. 53rd St., is the kind of business that, though it probably escapes most Hyde Parkers’ radars, forms an unconscious landmark in the 53rd Street window-shopping experience. Even if you don’t know about it, you know it. But owner’s son and manager Ahmed Qurt thinks Hyde Parkers [...]

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  • Civil War history comes alive in Hyde Park


    By Yasmine Laasraoui Families gathered Sunday on the Washington Park lawn behind the DuSable Museum of African American History, 740 E. 56th Place, for the Civil War Reenactment, “A Sight Unlike Any Other: The Civil War and the Colored Soldier. “ The Chicago area has witnessed “few reenactments historically,” cites Pemon Rami, the director of [...]

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  • Hyde Park Bites– The Litehouse


    Although Valois is certainly the Hyde Park spot closest to my heart, when I’m looking to do that heart a favor, I head to the Litehouse Whole Food Grill, 1373 E. 53rd St. Litehouse is one of very few restaurants in the area focusing on food that’s a little bit healthier and a whole lot [...]

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  • Sojourn in Sicily Part 1: Anticipation and Preparation


    By Anne Spiselman Editor’s note: Anne Spiselman is the theater critic for the Hyde Park Herald. She will share her experiences during a recent trip to Sicily in a series of articles exclusive to the Herald Blog. If you are a Hyde Park resident with travel experiences you would like to share, please email us [...]

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