Hyde Park Bites – Meat-free at B’Gabs Goodies

BGabs 45

By Yasmine Laasraoui

As a vegetarian, I have found my meals out to be repetitive and unoriginal. In an
effort to spice things up, I headed to B’Gabs Goodies, 6100 S. Blackstone Ave.
Although I’ve committed myself to vegetarianism for years now, I’ve always been
skeptical towards raw veganism. How can something taste good without it being
cooked above a certain temperature (118 degrees to be exact)? However, B’Gabs
proved my skepticism wrong with tasty, fresh and creative ingredients.
Priding itself not only in raw vegan meals, the two-year-old establishment is also
gluten-free, soy-free, processed sugar-free and peanut free. Most of the produce is
bought from Larry at the Hyde Park Produce Market, and everything is made in
The restaurant itself is rather hard to find. Once I located it at the corner 61 St. and
S. Blackstone, I questioned whether it was open or not. The windows are dark and
the door shut, but the sign printed above the door reassured me of its hours.
The earthy tones, chalkboard menu and friendly greeting I received upon entering
gave the restaurant a cool but casual atmosphere.

I was recommended the Chipotle Burger, which I ordered with a house salad and a
side of jicama fries for a pricey 12 dollars. When my meal arrived, I was
overwhelmed by the amount of greens I found on my plate. The house salad
constituted of a few handfuls of kale, which dominated my plate.


Despite the unbalanced plate, my lunch was crisp, light, and flavorful. The
vinaigrette redeemed the salad, and the spice level of the burger was on point. The
patty, made of seeds and nuts, was stacked with avocado, tomato, and spicy chipotle
cashew cheese on onion bread. The jicama fries were crunchy, and accompanied the
chipotle nicely.
Raw veganism is not a “mainstream food type,” explained owner Gabrielle Daruassy,
however many of her customers “use food to heal themselves,” may it be physical,
mental or spiritual. Describing the restaurant as a “judge-free zone,” Gabrielle
expressed her “non-elitist” view, stating that “every person should have access to
healthy food.”
Whether you’re a veggie or not, B’Gabs Goodies is worth a shot. If you are not
hungry for a whole meal, you can check out their large herbal selection, cakes, and
bite-sized desserts.