Cerf Hill brings science to her art at HPAC

Staff Writer

Among the recently opened exhibits at the Hyde Park Art Center is work by Chicago artist Bette Cerf Hill, an installation of paintings and string drawings. The exhibit “String Theory” will be on display in the center’s entrance area through February.

“String Theory” is a collaboration of work that Cerf Hill has been working on over several years. The work includes traditional paintings and drawings using string.

Cerf Hill said that she was inspired by the scientific meaning of “String Theory” and decided to use string to express the theory through art.

“Scientists say it’s a unifying theory. I like the idea and wanted to use it to talk about how people are strung together in life,” Cerf Hill said.

Cerf Hill’s exhibit, which is located in the foyer of the Hyde Park Art Center, 5020 S. Cornell Ave., starts with a string drawing of the big bang then moves on to trees, a whale and a person.

Cerf Hill, wife of Herald Publisher Bruce Sagan, said one of the highlights of creating the work for the exhibit was teaching herself how to draw with string.

“It is very challenging,” Cerf Hill said. “It looks like line drawing but as you look closer you will see that it’s string.”