Pierce Tower to be demolished

Staff Writer

Pierce Tower has been home to University of Chicago undergrads for over five decades, but its useful life has come to an end.

The university announced last week that the 10-story tower, 5514 S. University Ave., will be demolished after this school year ends in June to make way for a new residence and dining hall.

The new building is scheduled to open in 2016 but plans are sparse as to what the structure will look like, how many students it will house, what it will cost to demolish Pierce Tower, or to construct the new building.

The new building will occupy the site where Pierce Tower sits and the North Field recreational area. The university said the field will be replaced with another recreational space on 61st Street.

The university is still in the planning stages and does not yet have an architect for the new building.

The residence and dining hall was opened in 1960 and named after Stanley “Schnitz” R. Pierce, who played halfback at U. of C. from 1911-1913. After Pierce’s death he willed his estate to the school.

In February of this year students reported that plumbing issues in the residence hall had caused toilets to explode sending waste and porcelain across the bathrooms.