Rich Nayer appears in film

The recently completed independent drama “My Enemy’s Son” is a thoroughly local production: director and Bronzeville resident Will Adams’ second film was shot throughout Chicago’s South Side and features Hyde Park resident Rich Nayer as a leading character.

The movie, which features an 18-person cast, follows the story of South Side drug dealer T-Low, who tries to evade Agent Burns, a DEA official played by Nayer.

“I’ve been doing stuff in the entertainment business for quite a long time,” explained Nayer, who used to be a drummer and bassist for a rock group and has appeared as an actor in a music video as well as a number of plays at the University of Chicago. Nayer joined the film’s cast in April 2011 after auditioning for a role.

The owner of Nayer Construction and a coach for and the founder of the Chicago Track Club – a South Side running team that practices at Jackson Park’s track field – participated in two shoots, because Adams was unsatisfied with the film’s original cast.

“He gave me the opportunity to make it better than it was,” Adams said of Nayer, who added that worked extra hard “without even thinking about it.”

The film premiered Nov. 17 at Bronzeville’s Swagger Lounge, 5038 S. Prairie Ave., and will also be submitted to the Chicago and Sundance film festivals. Adams is also aiming to add subtitles in Mandarin Chinese and distribute the film in China.

“The one thing I have to say is, if you don’t like it, reshoot it,” Adams said, reflecting on the making of the film. “It can only get better.”

Jeffrey Bishku-Aykul