Sophistiqué owner has big plans

Assistant to the Editor

Hyde Park shopowner Hyman Jackson calls Sophistiqué (pronounced “so-phis-ti-kay”), a “basic boutique.” But he has bigger plans for the corner store located at the intersection of Blackstone Avenue and 52nd Street.

“I’m trying to make sure that our vision is realized,” Jackson explained, sitting in his basement-level shop on a crisp Halloween afternoon as he discussed the enterprise, founded by his mother in 2011 as an Avon store.

The store sells makeup, hair products and a small collection of clothes and accessories, such as jackets and purses. It also hosts demonstrations by aestheticians and make-up artists, Jackson said.

The entrepreneur is currently planning for Sophistiqué to hold a fashion show early next year, possibly in the Hyde Park Bank Building, 1525 E. 53rd St. Despite the store’s emphasis on “upscale looks,” he said he would also like to branch out into streetwear by a year from now.

Jackson, who joined his mother to help operate the shop last year, handles a variety of tasks, including dealing with customers, paperwork, inventory and marketing the store.

“I just don’t do peoples’ make-up, that’s all,” he said with a laugh.

Jackson’s professional past consisted of fixing and building computers. But he sees his involvement with the store as fitting in with the family’s entreprenuerial bent. His late sister founded the Parents Against Lead organization, he noted, while in the ’80s his mother owned a South Shore restaurant called Blackjack’s Drive-in and Carry Out.

“As far as me, I’ve always been interested in marketing and advertisement,” Jackson said.
For more information about the store, call 773-457-5323 or visit