Dining hall shut down

The Chicago Department of Public Health ordered the U. of C. to shut down Cathey Dining Hall, Thursday, Nov. 28, after the cafeteria failed a follow-up health inspection the same day. A department report from Nov. 20 cited “40-45 small flies,” “75-100 mice droppings” and an “outside garbage area not properly maintained” featuring “excessive” grease, liquid waste and garbage as well as a trash compactor in “poor repair” in cafeteria facilities, located alongside Woodlawn’s South Campus Residence Hall, 6031 S. Ellis Ave.

Following the closing, which began at 2 p.m. last Thursday, Pierce, Hutchinson and Bartlett dining halls have been kept open for extended hours and the U. of C. has given students for whom the cafeteria was their main dining hall 100 Maroon dollars usable at other locations. The University said in an e-mail to students last week that it “elected to close the commons entirely so that…[Aramark] and its contractors can perform more extensive fumigation and cleaning” and expected another city inspection “early next week.”

Though pleased to receive $100, first-year U. of C. student Allie Titus has been using the money only to buy snacks.

“I don’t want to go to the other dining halls,” she said. “I’ve just been eating out of my room.”

UPDATE: Cathey Dining Hall was reopened Tuesday following an inspection from the Chicago Department of Public Health.