Purrington piece on Harold very moving

To the Editor:

I was really touched by Sue Purrington’s reminiscent piece, “Memories from a Friend of Harold,” in the Nov. 4, 2012, Hyde Park Herald. It brought tears to my eyes because she captured a time and place and particularly a vivid picture of Harold as she described her own interaction with him. I remember when he shopped in the old Walgreens smiling and speaking when necessary but mostly just trying to blend in.

My husband, Bob Mann, former State Representative from Hyde Park, was an early supporter of Harold in his bid for Congress like some others in Hyde Park. Rebecca Janowitz in the interview in the same edition of the Hyde Park Herald as above, so wisely cited Alan and Lois Dobry who worked endlessly for Harold, using all their incredible political acumen to get the job done.

Harold once sent me a lovely letter apologizing for not attending my birthday party and thanking me for being on his transition team. The letter was really for Bob, he was such a good pol. He also kept in touch with Bob when he was ill, a few others did too, but not many. Harold was one special man, very kind, compassionate, brilliant, a lover of life and Chicago.

Sylvia A. Mann