The story behind the Latke debate delay

To the Editor:

I read with interest your piece about the Latke Hamantash debate being postponed. I was surprised that your reporters didn’t get any information as to why this had been postponed, a little poking around would have revealed some startling facts.

The Latke-Hamantash debate has been held each year for the past 60 years, one can only imagine that with the recent firing of Mr. Daniel Libenson and his starting a new Jewish group on campus, there may be some connection.

Indeed this is the case. I have been informed from very reliable sources that faculty were blackmailed by Libenson and his cronies, that they would be siding with the wrong group if they agreed to participate. In fact it was Libenson himself who had booked Mandel Hall for the February date, knowing that they would be unable to get faculty participation for a November debate, in the hopes of usurping the event from Hillel.

There’s more nastiness from Mr. Libenson to this story, but I’ll leave it at that.

I hope that Mr. Libenson can recover from the fact that he was fired from Hillel, without destroying the institutions the community holds dear.

Dennis Miller