Wendy Williams appointed to energy committee

Staff Writer

South East Chicago Commission executive director Wendy Walker Williams recently was appointed to a committee to help the city narrow down the field of eligible candidates who will bid to provide electricity for the city.

Williams was asked to serve, she said, because of her background as a community leader and because the SECC is a delegate agency to the City of Chicago.

“[The City] felt that I would be able to lend an independent voice and oversight to the process of evaluating responses to the City’s RFQ for electicity aggregation supply services, and ensure that bidders adhered to the highest standards of consumer protection,” Williams said.

The four-member panel reviewed the responses to the city’s request for request for quotations. Williams said her concerns were that bidders meet or exceeded the minimum requirement for minority or women-owned business subcontractors, and bidders’ commitment to local jobs.

“I was very honored to be selected because it’s a tremendous responsibility,” Williams said. “It’s going to affect everyone in Chicago who has electricity, so I wanted to make sure the process was fair and we were going to be selecting the best we could get.”