Goodsell leaving after 30 years

Staff Writer

After 30 years at Hyde Park Bank Tim Goodsell is heading for greener pastures. Literally, he’s going to learn to train horses in Michigan.

The Hyde Park Bank board director, who spent most of the last three decades as the bank president, is leaving after Wednesday.

“I’ve arranged with a professional in Michigan, a guy I’ve trained with for a number of years, to put me through a program to get to a point where I can offer my services to people looking to ride or looking to have their horses trained,” Goodsell said.

When he arrived at Hyde Park Bank in 1982 it was one-third the size with twice as many employees and a customer service problem, he said.

“The first time I walked into the bank, before I was even employed here, I believe it was the end of the month and the line stretched down the – we had probably 20 teller stations – and the lines from those teller stations stretched down the stairs into the downstairs lobby,” Goodsell said. “The biggest problem we dealt with in those early days was the fact that our bank had a vary large number of customers with small numbers (in their accounts) who required a lot of attention.”
Technological advancements in the last 30 years helped to reduce the long lines, and increase the number of customers.

“Most days you could shoot a cannon off in the lobby and not hit a customer,” Goodsell said. “The bulk (of transactions) are not done in the bank, they are done through computer banking and ATMs. That’s a trend I expect to accelerate.”

When the Hyde Park Bank lobby was renovated a few years ago six teller stations were left, primarily as an architectural element. Since fewer and fewer people have been traveling to the bank building, development along 53rd Street has been sparse, until the Harper Court developments in recent years.

“I sat on this street for 30 years and we get this enormous development and it’s going to increase the attractiveness and amenities,” Goodsell said. “We always bumped up against all kinds of problems. We did manage to get the Borders building and bring borders to 53rd Street and we all know how that ended up. … That was our one shot (at development on 53rd Street.) It really took somebody like the University of Chicago. I tip my hat to them this is just astounding to me I think it’ll be enormously benefiting.”

In September Hyde Park Bank announced it was being sold to suburban-based Wintrust Financial for $27.5 million.