It’s time to use concrete at the Point

To the Editor:

Hyde Park is a remarkable mix of liberal and conservative. Liberal in most things political but remarkably conservative when it comes time for any local changes. Consider the Point. In 2001 a vocal group protested the lakefront renovation and successfully blocked the Point’s renewal. Ten years later we have a Point that is the disgrace of Chicago’s lakefront. While almost the entire lakefront has been restored with concrete walkways and new landscaping, beautiful for a stroll, our Point continues to deteriorate, with broken old poured concrete, limestone, vines and broken glass. Walking on it is not only disheartening, but also unsafe. It is a disgrace. It is time for others to speak out and recognize that the rest of the lakefront in fact looks quite nice and we should allow the Point to follow suit. It is time for a local referendum so that the view of the majority are heard.

Scott Stern, MD