Kilwins opens, invents Hyde Park dessert

Staff Writer

Kilwins has begun offering its sweet treats in time for the holidays. The chocolate and candy shop opened its doors last week. Owner and Hyde Parker Jackie Jackson celebrated the soft opening of her second Kilwins store location in Chicago, at 5226 S. Harper St., on Saturday, Dec. 22.

“We love the revitalization and what’s going on at the 53rd Street project and we’re just happy to be here to support our community,” Jackson said.

To honor the neighborhood Jackson created a Hyde Park Mud ice cream. Jackson described it as “velvety, vanilla ice cream with caramel swirls throughout and explosions of chocolate chips.” Hyde Park Mud’s fudgey counterpart is “a creamy vanilla-based fudge with caramel swirls throughout and dark chocolate fudge. “

The ice cream, Jackson said, is super premium meaning it is made with 14 percent butterfat. The majority of the ice cream flavors, 30 out of 37, are kosher and all sweets and candies are made on site, in the front window.

Jackson said Kilwins is working out partnership opportunities with Harper Theater and other businesses in the area.

A grand opening is expected in January, but Jackson said she would like to see the store open early enough in the morning for people to get coffee and stay open late enough to satiate a sweet craving after leaving the late show at the Harper Theater.
Because the grand opening has not yet occurred Jackson said the hours may be a little flexible for the time being. Call 773-675-6731 for more information.