Café 57 owner sells business

Staff Writer

As of last week, Café 57 is under new management and will be getting both a facelift and a name change.

Tony Wilkins purchased the coffee shop, 1520 E. 57th St., two years ago. He sold the property in the hopes that new management and ownership could help the shop become profitable and remain open for business.

“I still wanted to keep jobs and the coffee shop in the neighborhood so profitability was only one of the three things I wanted to accomplish,” Wilkins said.

The new owner, Mohamed Murtha, and new manager Danny Morales, said they wanted to operate the shop because they liked the neighborhood and the customers.

Former manager Belinda Lipscomb said she is in the process of seeking a new venue to open her own coffee shop in Hyde Park. She said she should have a more solid plan in the next 30 days.

The current site, Morales said, will be renamed Hyde Park Café, and the store will be remodeled. Morales said remodeling, including painting, new countertops and art depicting Hyde Park’s history, will be done after business hours.

The menu should be largely unchanged, save for a few additions. Morales said he has already added nachos to the lunch menu. He expects to serve smoothies and yogurt in the summer.