New 53rd Street needs Artisans 21

To the Editor:

The planning for the McMobil plot is an important consideration for the future of our pedestrian shopping thoroughfare: 53rd Street.

The new glassy Harper Court development looms as a complement to this project.

We have not forgotten that Haper Court was created to compensate for the destruction of the 57th Street “art colony.” (Many of you bought bonds for its construction.) That is where Artisans 21 existed for all those many years as a vital part of Hyde Park.

As members of that venerable non-profit cooperative gallery (45+ years), located at 55th Street and Hyde Park Boulevard for the foreseeable future, we are determined to remain an integral part of the community as a source for crafts and art.

We at Artisans 21 are convinced that we belong on 53rd Street and that an affordable provision should be made for us in one of the two developments. What do you think?

Rob Borja