Promontory items nod to Piccadilly

Staff Writer

The old Piccadilly Theater has been closed for decades but Hyde Parkers will be able to see pieces of the old movie house when they visit The Promontory.

The future home of a music venue, bar and and restaurant will be decorated with pieces of the old theater, which was located in the Piccadilly Building, current home of the Hyde Park Herald, 1435 E. Hyde Park Blvd.

“We were lucky enough to be let inside the old Piccadilly lobby and we were able to grab something out of there that would be wonderful to bring to The Promontory,” owner Bruce Finkleman said.

Finkleman currently owns The Empty Bottle, Longman and Eagle and other restaurants and music venues on the north side. The venue is under construction in the space behind Akira in the Borders building., 1539 E. 53rd St

Finkelman said mirrors, railings, sinks and other items from the original theater were removed and will be installed in the new venue.

“We’re hoping to integrate them as every day pieces, as a living part of the new Promontory,” Finkleman said.

The ornate theater and movie house first opened in 1927, and it cost approximately $3 million to build it and the 14-story hotel it was in. While it operated stars like Joan Crawford performed there. It closed in the 1960s.