Service imposters perpetrate robbery

Assistant to the Editor

A robbery occurred earlier this month at a Kenwood building managed by Wolin-Levin, Inc., according to residents and a company official.

The Feb. 6 incident went unreported in crime blotters provided to the Herald this month by Second District police. However, in a Feb. 15 e-mail to the Herald, Elena Lugo, director of marketing and operations at Wolin-Levin, detailed the robbery and its perpetrators, whom according to residents were white males.

According to the e-mail, thieves using the guise of an electrician committed an “unforced robbery” and “money was taken from within a homeowner’s unit.”

Lugo added that “no one was harmed.”

In the e-mail, Lugo only revealed that the robbery took place “near the corner of 47th and South Lake Park,” but building residents have indicated the crime took place on the 4800 block of South Dorchester Ave.

Anyone with additional information about the robbery can contact the Second District Police Station by calling 1-312-747-5109.