Concerns about the McMobil high-rise

To the Editor:

I am very concerned about the plan to build a high-rise where the Mobil station is now located on 53rd Street. Some of my reasons are as follows:

1. When open, and especially during the construction period, traffic on 53rd Street will have a serious effect on the children who attend Murray Language Academy, plus pedestrians and drivers on 53rd Street. Local businesses will suffer loss of revenue, similar to the loss now felt by places near 53rd Street and Harper Avenue. Those who work on the new building will take all available street parking, also hurting business in Kimbark Plaza where there will be no parking for customers because of construction workers.

2. If the new building will have 267 rental apartments and parking space for 218 cars, with only about half being for residents, where are the rest of the residents supposed to park? Also, it is possible that many of the apartments will be occupied by couples who own two cars. Again, Kimbark Plaza will suffer loss of business. Restaurants there will be unable to attract customers.

3. Residents of west Hyde Park will lose their only gas and car repair station. We will be forced to go to 51st Street and Cornell Avenue or 52nd Street and Lake Park Avenue, thus greatly increasing automobile congestion on the east end of Hyde Park. Watch out Kenwood Academy students.

I ask that others who are concerned speak up.

Judith Allen