Tutoring group floods

Staff Writer

Strive Tutoring experienced a setback earlier this month after a broken valve on a water pipe damaged the third floor, a kitchen, a stairwell and two computers.

“There was a lot of damage to our offices. Thankfully all of our tutoring space is in perfectly good shape and our refurbished library is in perfectly good shape,” said Angela Paranjape, director of Strive.

The library was completely redone last fall, after an organization volunteered to replace its aging books, computers and furniture.

“A lot of paper files of course are gone,” Paranjape said. “We were lucky we had all of our digital files backed up.”

Insurance should pay for repairs of the damage done to the building, the Ellis Avenue Church, 5001 S. Ellis Ave. The water began flooding in on the evening of Friday, Feb. 1 and wasn’t noticed until the next morning. Paranjape estimated it probably ran for 10 hours before the water was shut off.

“Everybody is in good spirits and we’re just kind of doing what needs to be done and pulling the place back together,” Paranjape said.

Strive, a nonprofit that provides free tutoring services, will accept donations of two used personal computers to replace the decade-old ones they had previously used and two laser printers that were damaged beyond repair.