Logan exhibit echoes French landscapes

By Jeffrey Bishku-Aykul
Assistant to the Editor

Attention to detail define both the gallery space and art at painter David Schutter’s new exhibit, “Renditions,” on display at the Logan Center, 915 E. 60th St.

The show’s four paintings and one print are not only based on landscape art by 19th century French painter Jean-Baptist-Camille Corot: they are also contained in a room meant to resemble the Art Institute of Chicago’s space that houses those same Corot works.

The room — constructed inside the gallery’s main space and with an entrance facing its back — has walls and dimensions that are proportional to those found at the Art Institute of Chicago’s Room 224, according to Schutter.

Though his contemporary paintings there feature a medley of bluish-green tones not readily recognizable as the landscapes they depict, Schutter describes the works, which he said were completed in a year, as in a way conventional.

The paintings employ “a full palette, a full spectrum” Schutter said, adding that “it’s relatively traditional in that way, in that I use the palette that is relative to the paintings that I’m making them after.

“Some of the grayness occurs by colors canceling each other out, by being layed upon each other, layer upon layer.”

Schutter’s “Study for Autograph Repetition,” housed by itself in another room at the gallery, is a print made using photogravure, a process first developed during the late 19th century in which a photo’s negative and copper plate are used to produce an image with a photographic quality. The print depicts one of his paintings at the exhibit at an angle.

“It’s very different from the paintings because of the perspective of the image and I think that it asks you to use the room as a sort of physical space to contort yourself to the image,” Schutter said.

Schutter, who was academically trained in painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, is an assistant professor in the U. of C.’s Department of Visual Arts.

The exhibit’s arrival at the Logan Center was serendipitous, Schutter said. Logan Center Visual Arts Program Curator Monika Szewczyk says she first saw Schutter’s art while in Berlin and began to discuss with him bringing his work to the gallery after arriving at the U. of C.

“Renditions” runs through March 31 and the Logan Center will host a discussion on it tonight from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in it’s performance penthouse, featuring speakers Szewczyk, Schutter, U. of C. associate professor of art history Matthew Jesse Jackson and the Museum of Contemporary Art’s senior curator, Dieter Roelstraete. For more information about the exhibit or talk, visit arts.uchicago.edu.