Recycle HP: Single-sort service coming to neighborhood

Staff Writer

Hyde Parkers should get in the habit of separating their glass, paper and aluminum from the rest of their trash. The city’s Blue Bin recycling program will expand in Hyde Park by the end of April.

The Blue Bin program will service single-family homes and apartment buildings with up to four residences to start, said Chris Suave recycling program director at the Department of Streets and Sanitation.

“The reason why we’re making this changeover … is really to just try and economize the number of trucks that we have, our manpower, so we can roll out new services, like this blue cart program,” Suave said.

The Streets and Sanitation Department is moving garbage collection from a ward-by-ward map to the grid system, which will allow workers to collect garbage more efficiently, meaning they’ll need closer to 315 trucks, down from the 352 originally used, said Suave.

“As a consequence of going to this collection system, it creates a savings, which can now be used to fund recycling across the city of Chicago,” Ald. Will Burns (4th) said.

The remaining crews, Suave said, will be reassigned to other jobs within the department, such as picking up recycling and trimming trees.

“With the Blue Cart program you get a blue cart issued to your house and it’s single stream. Meaning all of your recyclables go in that blue cart loose,” Suave said. “There’s one truck that comes down and grabs a garbage cart and a separate one that comes down and grabs your recycling.”

Blue bins, similar to the black garbage bins, will be assigned to each house. RFID chips will let Streets and Sanitation workers know which bin will belong to which house. The day that trash and recycling is picked up may change once the grid system is implemented and recycling will be picked up every two weeks.