Jazz artist at Hyde Park Records

Assistant to the Editor

Jazz artist Phil Cohran will play a free concert at 4 p.m. on Saturday, March 16, at Hyde Park Records, 1377 E. 53rd St.

The 85-year-old trumpeter and multi-instrumentalist, whose full name is Kelan Phil Cohran, is a Mississippi native who lives in Chicago and has played for Sun Ra’s Arkestra and the Philip Cohran and the Artistic Heritage Ensemble.

His upcoming performance was arranged after a November store concert by DJ Jamal Jeffries, according to Hyde Park Records manager Kevin James. James says he met Cohran’s manager there and kept in contact with her.

Jazz and soul are the store’s best selling genres, according to James, who says Cohran is “something the store specifically turns a lot of people onto…

“We get a lot of jazz aficionados, a lot of jazz musicians,” James said.

Cohran visited the store last Saturday with one of his sons, a member of the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, an act that has toured worldwide and backed acts such as Blur, the Wu Tang Clan, Mos Def, and Gorillaz, among others. Cohran will perform alongside his son and another vocalist, according to Hyde Park Records owner Alexis Bouteville.

The store will host another concert by saxophonist David Boykin on April 2. For more information, call Hyde Park Records at 773-288-6588, or visit hydeparkrecords.com.