Condemning McMobil monstrosity

To the Editor:

This is to express my agreement with the opinion of the Hyde Park Herald, and of Franklin, Kaufman, Lipinski, Pamelas and White, and of Ratcliffe, as well as that of every Hyde Parker with whom I have spoken, condemning the planned McMobil monstrosity. I also express my dismay about the letter by Paul Marks.

It reads like a commercial advertisement, appealing to emotion. Consider Marks’ rhetorical superlatives: architecturally pleasing, well designed, higher quality, exceptional, impressive, legendary, hearty, vibrant and exciting.

Is Paul Marks a paid agent of the developers, or a naive person, completely unaware of, and unconcerned with, the values, comfort and health and safety of Hyde Parkers? He attempts to tempt and seduce us with retail items that are low on our priorities. How badly do you need a scarf or a tie? He tempts us with the very foods that all health and nutrition counselors condemn as the causes of the obesity epidemic, which leads to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. He specifically promotes cheeseburgers, ribs, and pastry.

In appealing to socially irresponsible people, he neglects the needs of seniors and the disabled, who must use a car to go shopping. Neglect is a form of abuse. The traffic congestion produced by the monstrosity will force such neighbors to travel to South Loop, which has huge parking lots and in-house garages. All this driving will further increase environmental pollution, traffic congestion, and harmful stress. He dismisses Chicago’s often deadly snow and cold as “a bit chilly.”

I urge you to write to Ald. Burns to halt the rezoning. A similar scheme for Lincoln Square was defeated by aldermanic action. We can do it here, but only if you take action.

Dr. George Kagan

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