DuSable explores water issues

Staff Writer

DuSable Museum of African American History will host a panel discussion titled “Watered Down” to discuss issues surrounding the global water crisis.

The discussion, which will take place at DuSable, 740 East 56th Pl., from 6:29 p.m. to 8:29 p.m. on Friday, March 22, is in conjunction with the museum’s exhibit, “Dust in Their Veins: A Visual Response to the Global Water Crisis.” The exhibit, which opened last October, is an installation of mixed media art that highlights the plight of women and children who are adversely affected by the lack of rights to clean water. The lack can be due to either the global water crisis or living in conflict areas of the world.

Panelist for the discussion include:

Candace Hunter, the creator of “Dust in Their Veins: A Visual Response to the Global Water Crisis,” exhibit.

Dr. Soyini Madision, water activist and professor of Performance Studies, with appointments in the Department of African American Studies and the Department of Anthropology at Northwestern University. Dr. Madison has done extensive research and work in Ghana dealing with water democracy.

Kim Miller, Illinois co-founder and director of Strategy for Surge. The foundation’s projects have helped thousands of families in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Pakistan, and Tanzania. Funds from Strategy for Surge have been allocated to build fresh water wells, manufacture filters that provide clean water, and build sanitation systems.

Tzviatko Chiderov is the regional field director for ONE, a grassroots campaign of more than 3 million people committed to the fight against extreme poverty and preventable diseases. Prior to his current role, Tzviatko spent about nine months in Mozambique and Zimbabwe, working for the National AIDS Council of Zimbabwe.

The event is free and open to the public. For more information or to RSVP, call 773-947-0600 ext. 290.